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4th China International Refractory Production and Application Conference


For many years, China has been the world's largest refractory materials producer and consumer. Today, as the Chinese economy entering the “New Normal”, the high-temperature industries, such as steel, non-ferrous metals and building materials, are gradually peaking. Demand for refractories decrease significantly. In 2015, China’s refractory products output was 26.15 million tons, down 3.88% on a YoY basis; refractory products export was 3.45 million tons, down 9.28%; refractory raw materials export was 1.72 million ton, down 7.74%. For 2016, China’s refractory products output stayed at 23.91 million ton, down 8.56% and refractory products export reported a decrease of 4.51%, totaling 1.64 million ton while refractory raw materials export increased by 3.4% to 3.56 million ton.
Looking forward, with the high temperature industries represented by the steel industry gradually bottoming out, the refractory industry may start to stabilize and revert to a more normal operation in 2017.
Aiming to connect refractory manufacturers with their customers and suppliers, promote refractory production and application technology advancement, and strengthen international cooperation, the 4th China International Refractory Production and Application Conference, will bring together leaders and experts from the world refractory and refractory using industries, to share insights on the new developments of the world refractory industry, changes on the market place and strategies to get through this difficult time.
Since its birth in 2011, the conference has been successfully held for three times. Over 300 domestic and foreign delegates from the refractory industry and the refractory using industries attended the last conference held in March 2015 in Shanghai, China.
Who should attend
We sincerely invite refractory product manufacturers, refractory raw materials suppliers, refractory users including steel mills, non- ferrous metals smelters, and glass and cement manufacturers, traders, logistics service providers and technology and equipment suppliers to participate in this grand gathering of the world refractory community.

Conference topics
The Chinese refractory industry and refractory market update 
World refractory products and raw materials market demand and supply analysis 
Refractory products and raw materials international trade 
Development of the steel, nonferrous metals and building materials industries and their demand on refractories 
Trends of basic research for refractories 
Unshaped refractories Functional and high performance refractories 
Used refractories recycling

Preliminary Schedule
June 28 (Wednesday) Conference check-in & welcome reception
June 29 (Thursday) Full day conference
June 30 (Friday) Plant visits and seminars

Call for paper
To sum up, display and promote technical progress in refractory production and application, and to improve the technical and academic level for the refractory professionals, the organizing committee decided to call for papers. Qualified papers will be included in the conference proceedings, and those particularly outstanding will be invited to be presented at the conference and recommended to concerned newspapers and magazines. The papers should be new and of practical significance.
All related entities and individuals are encouraged to submit papers on the above mentioned topics. All intended authors should submit a short C.V. and the full paper in MICROSOFT WORD format via email to the organization of f ice by 10 May, 2017 at the latest. Papers will be evaluated and notification will be sent to the author(s) promptly.

Sponsorship and Advertisement
A range of sponsorship and advertisement opportunities are available to suit all levels of budget and marketing aspirations. We can help you to raise your company profile and gain unparalleled access to the key decision makers in this industry. Please contact the conference organization office for details.

Exhibition Opportunity
A small-scale relevant exhibition will be held during the conference.
Type  Price
4㎡  3000US$
6㎡  4000US$
8㎡  5000US$
10㎡  6000US$
Note: Each exhibitor will be provided with two free entry passes to the conference. However these t wo passes are only for attending the meeting, and will not include other benefits of a paid delegate such as meal and delegate package, etc.

Conference Language
The official language of the conference is English and Chinese.

Registration and Fee
Delegates attending the congress should pay the registration fee. The fee is inclusive of documentation, translation, conference venues, refreshments, lunches and dinners, etc. It does not include the cost of accommodation.
Registration can only be confirmed upon the receipt of payment or proof of payment. After 15 June 2017, registration can only be made by cash on site at the conference venue and the delegate’ s name will not be included in the official delegate list.
The registration fee is non-refundable, but you can choose either to have a replacement or have the ticket reserved for the next conference.

Visas are the responsibility of individual delegates. However, if you (only paid delegate) require a letter of invitation, please contact the conference organization office in written form, with your personal data such as nationality, date of birth, passport number and job title.

Conference Participation Form

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