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Interview with Mr. Heinz Tölke, Head of high temperature division of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG


ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG is one of the leading providers of industrial pyro-processing systems and its construation project in Haiming is drawing great attentions sepecially against China anti-pollution situation. Let's take a look at how the company push is development strategy forward the future market and how the company meet the needs of their clients. 

Refwin: Nice to meet you, Mr.Heinz Tölke. Would you pls introduce the business structure and achievements of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG in recent years?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: Nice to meet you!

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and servicing of all industrial plants and systems. Besides cement, chemical, coke,refineries and other industrial plants, our portfolio also includes mining, mineral processing and port handling equipment along with corresponding services. In collaboration with our customers we develop reliable, sustainable and efficient solutions, and look back on a successful history spanning centuries. Our global network with more than 21,000 employees enables us to provide turnkey solutions worldwide which set new benchmarks with their high productivity and particularly resource-conserving technologies.

Refwin: Based on the changes and development of global refractories industry in recent years, would you please share us how ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions will build a stronger brand in refractories industry in the future?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: The refractories business already is one of our main business fields in pyro technologies and we intend to focus on it even more in the future. That is why we are putting great emphasis on customer relations.In practice, this means that we put a great deal of effort into tailoring our offerings to our target markets. Our main focus clearly lies on adding value for our customers around the globe. As one of the few companies in the market, Thyssenkrupp can provide the complete range of pyro-processing equipment, e.g. rotary kilns, multiple hearth furnaces, shaft kilns and flash calciners. This capability allows us to advise our customers in accordance with their real needs, without focusing on the technologies available.

Heinz J. Tölke, Head of Department High Temperature Technology, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG

Refwin: Technology is always changing the industry, what kinds of innovative technologies do you think will change the pyroprocessing minerals industry? What preparation that ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions has done to these innovative technologies?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: We do not see too much disruption but are continuously working on making our equipment and processes even better for our customers. As one of the leading players in the market, we strongly believe in a tailored process design for specific customer needs and varying commodity qualities.In this regard, we need to consider the full process, which has to be precisely controlled to achieve top qualities. All of our pyro-processing systems, such as the POLCAL flash calciner, POLSINT shaft kiln or MULTIPOL multiple heath furnace, are operating with our process control system POLCID to ensure a precise and reliable process at all times.

Refwin: What is the vital key point in the technology and innovative development of high-temperature furnace and kilns in the future? And why?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: For us the key point is to fully understand the specific requirements and conditions of each customer’s deposit. Our high-tech in-house development test center offers a broad range of testing and process simulation options under real operating conditions.This is how we are able to provide our customers with the best solution to suit their specific needs. 
Let me give you one example from the refractory industry: We have the capability to simulate the complete dead burnt magnesite (DBM) production process starting with the preparation of magnesite raw material samples and magnesite calcination in our one hearth furnace to briquetting and sintering with temperatures exceeding 2,100°C in our special laboratory furnace. Thanks to this we can support our customers at an early project stage in order to harness the real potential of their existing resources or evaluate new quarries.

Refwin: How do you think Industry 4.0 will change pyro-processing minerals industry? What is the plan for ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions to blend in Industry 4.0?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: With industry 4.0 we are preparing our pyro-processing division for the future. This means,for example,that our machine maintenance will move from preventive to predictive maintenance. Furthermore,industry 4.0 opens up the full potential of process optimization, with the aim of running our pyro-processing plants to the highest possible efficiency levels.
We have identified industry 4.0 as the main driver for product enhancement and development within this business field. And that is why we are focusing our efforts on automation and digitalization. Our vision is that our customers will benefit from our industry 4.0 solutions in all of our equipment.

Refwin: What do you think of China market, especially under the current condition of anti-pollution storm? Does ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG have any special strategic plan aiming at China market?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: As thyssenkrupp’s pyro-processing technologies fulfill very high emission standards,we see huge potential for our Chinese customers to make their operations clean and future-proof by collaborating with us. In this regard we are very proud to have just recently commissioned a DBM production plant for a Chinese customer in Haicheng. This plant is producing some of the highest quality DBM in the country. Generally speaking, it is our aim to constantly strengthen our local presence in the regions to even better provide our customers with competitive high-tech solutions to meet their specific demands. Further details are contained on our website:www.thyssenkrupp-industrial-solutions.com/pyroprocessing

Refwin: India is a very big and potential growing market both for refractory and other mineral pyro-processing. Would you please introduce the development situation and the future plan of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions in India market?

Mr. Heinz Tölke: India is one of the most dynamic markets. With our local entities in India we have more than fifty years of experience and a strong track record with our customers. We will leverage our knowledge and relationships across the country to actively participate in the further development of the refractory industry in India.

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