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  • China's exports of WFA to US eyed a sharp drop in H1 2020-07-30

    Jul. 30, 2020 - According to China Customs, China exported 122,500 tons white fused alumina to overseas countries in H1 of 2020, down 10.68% year on year. China’s imports of white fused alumina hit 1702.34 tons in the same period, down 62.31% on the year-on-year basis. From January to June, there were 67 countries or regions to import white fused alumina from China. In fact, Japan impo…

  • Japan aluminium third quarter premiums down 3.7% 2020-07-28

    Jul. 28, 2020 - A trio of sources who spoke to Reuters said that Japanese buyers are settling on premiums of around US$79 per metric ton for aluminium shipments for the third quarter, which represents a drop of 3.7 percent over premiums paid for shipments during the second quarter of this year. Per the sources, coronavirus bears the guilt for the fall in premiums, which h…

  • What's influence of flotation production lines to magnesia market? 2020-07-28

    Jul. 28, 2020 - After dynamite distribution ban in Haicheng in 2017, magnesite ore bumps into tight supply, triggering rapid magnesia price soaring. Attracted by high profits, more capital is invested in the industry, launching a batch of new magnesia projects. As a result of ore shortage, magnesia makers have to seek new way of sources. Under this background, magnesia from flotation production …

  • China's output of industrial alumina down in June 2020-07-28

    Jul. 28, 2020 - According to National Bureau of Statistics, China’s output of industrial alumina hit 6.293 million tons in June, down 1.8% year on year. From January to June, total production stood at 35.202 million tons, down 5.1% on the year-on-year basis. It’s reported that overall operating rate dropped in the month. In particular, supply of bauxite ore was scarce in China’s domest…

  • A data comparison of global crude steel output in H1 of 2019 2020-07-24

    Jul. 24, 2020 - Data from Worldsteel showed that global crude steel output stood at 925.1 Mt in the first six months of 2019. In particular, the total production of May topped the list with volume hitting 162.7 Mt, while the output of February reached the lowest level to be 137.3 Mt. A chart of world crude steel output in H1 was displayed as follows:

  • A data comparison of global crude steel output in H1 of 2020 2020-07-24

    Jul. 24, 2020 - Data from Worldsteel showed that global crude steel output stood at 873.1 Mt in the first six months of 2020. In particular, the total production of January topped the list with volume hitting 154.4 Mt, while the output of April reached the lowest level to be 137.1 Mt. A chart of world crude steel output in H1 was displayed as follows:

  • Global crude steel down 7.0% YoY in June 2020 2020-07-23

    Jul. 23, 2020 - World crude steel production for the 64 countries was 148.3 million tonnes (Mt) in June 2020, a 7.0% decrease compared to June 2019. Due to the ongoing difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of this month’s figures are estimates that may be revised with next month’s production update. World crude steel production was 873.1 Mt in the first six months…

  • China Imports of Refractory Materials and Products in May 2020 2020-07-23

    Jul. 23, 2020 - According to the statistics from China Customs, China's imports of silica sand, fireclay and alumina in May 2020 increased remarkably by 112.92%, 871.48% and 387.73% respectively compared with the corresponding period of last year, while imports of flake graphite, dead burned magnesia, brown fused alumina and white fused alumina plummeted by 112.92%, 85.32%, 71.42% and 84.…

  • China Exports of Refractory Materials and Products in May 2020 2020-07-23

    Jul. 23, 2020 - According to the statistics from China Customs, China's exports of white fused alumina and silicon carbide in May 2020 decreased remarkably by 35.14% and 36.82% respectively compared with the corresponding period of last year, while exports of *fireclay (*fireclay includes bauxite, flint clay, other fireclays and alumina monolithic refractories), *basic…

  • The 2nd Trade Fair on China Refractories Supply Chain to be held in Septemb… 2020-07-16

    Jul. 16, 2020 - Refwin is to hold "The 2nd Trade Fair on China Refractories Supply Chain" in International Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Lake area, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China on 22-24th of September, 2020. Highlights 1) to boost business communication among refractory enterprises of raw materials, products, metallurgical auxiliary materials and steel, and to …

  • China's consumption of bauxite ore shows a recovery in refractories 2020-07-15

    Jul. 15, 2020 - According to statistic data, China’s consumption of bauxite ore hit 6.38 million tons in June of 2020, up 5.99% month on month and down 12.55% year on year. In H1, total consumption of bauxite ore reached 36.1 million tons in the country, down 23.42% on the year-on-year basis. When it comes to particular region, Shanxi consumed 2.26 million tons bauxite ore in June, whi…

  • Auction of one bauxite mineral block on hold in India 2020-07-13

    Jul. 10, 2020 - Indian government has put on hold the auction of 11 mineral blocks, including one bauxite mine, besides keeping in abeyance sale of four blocks. The blocks on hold for auction are in Madhya Pradesh, while the mines kept in abeyance are in Jharkhand, according to a document of the mines ministry. However, the mines ministry did not specify the reasons for putting the sale …

  • Indian International Refractories Congress IREFCON 2020 further postponed 2020-07-09

    Jul. 8, 2020 - IREFCON 2020 (Indian International Refractories Congress 2020) is to be further postponed from 21-23rd September 2020 to early 2021, according to a communique co-signed by IRMA Chairman Mr. Parmod Sagar and IREFCON20 Chairman Mr. Sameer Nagpal. "After careful consideration with our partners and participants around the world and in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) de…

  • Will magnesia price shoot up after confinement to open-pit mining? 2020-07-06

    Jul. 6, 2020 - According to investigations to some players in Liaoning province, since July dynamite distribution to open-pit mining of magnesite is stopped for half to one year in Haicheng, Dashiqiao and Liaoyang of Liaoning province, while underground mining isn’t restricted. The official document hasn’t been released by government till now and the notification is delivered to local firms. …

  • China's imports of chrome ore in May down 42% month-on-month 2020-07-02

    Jul. 1, 2020 - China's imports of chrome ore totaled 872,119 tons in May, a decline of 42% from approximately 1.50 million tons in April, according to customs data. Among the total imports of 872,119 tons in May, 721,735 tons (82.8%) originated from South Africa, one of the largest producers of chrome ore in the world. This marks a sharp decline of 42.7% compared with the…

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