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China International Refractories Industry Exposition (CIRIE) 2020 to be held by Refwin


The 2nd China International Refractories Industry Exposition (CIRIE) is scheduled to be held at the Int’l Convention and Exhibition Centre of South Lake, Tangshan, Hebei, China, during 22-24th of September, 2020, to promote online supply chain transactions, intelligent production equipment and internal system integration of refractories enterprises.

1. Sponsored and Organized by:

ACRI (Association of China Refractories Industry)
Tangshan Yinnailian E-Business Co., Ltd.

2. Date: Sep. 22-24, 2020
    Venue: Int’l Convention and Exhibition Centre of South Lake, Tangshan, Hebei, China

3. Types of exhibitors: refractory raw material and product suppliers, refractory facility makers, metallurgical furnace charge companies (flux, carbon, ferroalloy), foreign traders, international brand enterprises, steel mills and foundry plants, IT service providers (supply chain information-based system, ERP, MES, intelligent control system), etc.

4. Concurrent events: 

1) “Digital Enabling and Cross-border Trading Summit”, 
2) The 30th Anniversary of ACRI (Association of China Refractories Industry), 
3) Working Conference of HRIA (Hebei Refractories Industry Association)

5. Highlights:

1) to boost business communication among refractory enterprises of raw materials, products, metallurgical auxiliary materials and steel, and to propel efficiency of purchase, sales, logistics and finance of the whole refractories supply chain;

2) in diversified forms and enriched contents, including company display, product presentation, face-to-face communication and summit forums;

3) six exhibition areas specially for refractory raw materials, refractory products, refractory equipment, metallurgical furnace charge, iron & steel, and joint-ventures;

4)  a special rostrum for companies to make a speach on their featured products;

5) types of refractory raw materials involved: bauxite, flint clay, ball clay, brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, tabular alumina, dead burned magnesia (lower-grade, medium-grade and higher-grade), fused magnesia (common grade, large crystal, high calcia), graphite, silicon carbide, spinel, mullite, andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite, binders (aluminate cement, phenolic resin...), addictives (aluminum metal powder ...), etc.;

6) types of refractory products involved: used for blast furnaces, air heating furnaces, converters, ladles, electric furnaces, refining furnaces, tundishes and heating furnaces, etc.;

7) types of refractory equipment involved: crushing, sieving, grinding, magnetic separating, mixing, pressing, calcinating, packing, testing, etc.;

8) types of metallurgical furnace charge involved: metallurgical auxiliary materials (mold flux, covering agent ...), carbon, ferroalloy, etc.;

9) representatives of steel mills: purchasers and technicians from over 50 steel plants;

10) mutiple topics to be covered in the summit forum, including informatization, digitization and intelligent manufacturing of refractories producers, procurement requirment of steel mills, etc.

We sincerely invite all refractories suppliers and purchasers to participate at the Great Event, CIRIE, by making a short video or logging in to the online Applet.  Write to info@refwin.com for more detail.
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Sponsored by: ACRI (The Association of China Refractories Industry), Tangshan YinNaiLian E-Business Co., Ltd.

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