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The user exhibition hall optimizes the rules of home page and columns, and adds new products and video functions
Optimize the display function of equipment information
Optimization of column ranking of international station magazine
E-Weekly report function optimization, add Import Supplier and main product recommendation pop-up window, keyword selection status optimization

1. E-trading platform launched sharing the same domain name with the Info platform of Refwin;

2. Widescreen style adopted for the overall layout;

3. Uniform style among registered users on info platform and E-trading platform;

4. Unified display style for the flagship store of registered users on both platforms;

5. Trading Mall section added to the Price section;

6. Auction Procurement section added to the Buy section;

7. Global Suppliers and Global Buyers sections added to the Statistics section;

8. Login identity automatic determination function improved;

9. E-Trading user registration function added;

10. Inventory Management function remoced for suppliers in the E-Trading platform;

11. Feedback function added on E-Trading Platform;

12. Products specifications function on E-Trading Platform modified;

13. Anonymity rating function added


1. E-weekly format style adjusted;

2. Chinese from English version distinguished in E-mail system;

3. Keywords and magazine added to E-weekly content;

4. Automatically search and fetch function realized for the info content of E Weekly;

5. Separate Ad management function added to E-weekly;

6. Supplier recommendation function added to E-weekly;

7. E-weekly Ad service added to the Service management system;

8. International user contacts distingushed in E-weekly contact system;

9. Subscription & unsubscription function added to E-weekly;

10. E-weekly delivery function improved


1. Display effect of Hot Suppliers improved;

2. Inquiry function modified;

3. E-magazine section listed by year;

4. Calendar section added;

5. Current status added for info assessment;

6. Calendar display error fixed;

7. Keyword data improved;

8. APP section management system modified;

9. Personnel permissions seperated;

10. Text display standard improved


Refwin app page added


Equipment info, Auction project, Technical cooperation and Production statistics section added


1. Data classification function modified in Statistics section;

2. Search function added in Links section;

3. Display style of Partners section altered;

4. Rules of Related reading changed for Interview, Analysis, New and Conference sections;

5. Registered users search function improved


Information assessment function adjusted


1. Screening function added for registered users with incomplete data;

2. Display style of Graph section improved


Access permission modified for unregistered users and un-login users


1. Inquiry function altered to unregistered visitors;

2. Enter MyRefwin changed to Manage Mypage;


Listing rules of registered users adjusted in Directory section


Data extracting function and display format improved


Refwin management system mergered with its Chinese website


Subscription function added to World Refractory Enterprises Directory


Data of Refwin shifted to the same management system with its Chinese data


Registered users permission system improved


1. Business manager added to users management system;

2. Search funtion added to the management system;

3. Search function improved;

4. User interface modified;

5. Receipt function revised for World Refractory Enterprises Directory;

6. Management system information fuction improvement


1. Function improved for Suppliers and Buyers section, Hompage redesigned;

2. Management system sorting function improved;

3. Users ID system improved;

4. Suppliers and Buyers statistic function added to management system;

5. Article export function added in management system for E-magazine feeding;

6. Search function improved;

7. Marks added to all Chinese paid members;

8. "Anlysis and tracking" function added to management system;

9. User interface modified for Global Suppliers and Global Buyers;

10. "Traking record" function adjusted


1. Electronic assessment function added;

2. Remittance account changed, article link address modified;

3. Management system comment function added;

4. Management system comment function optimized;

5. Directory flagship store function improved


Management system information statistics function modified;


1. Conference calendar function modified;

2. My Refwin page function improved;

3. Customer management function revised;

4. Customers automatically divided by country function realized;

5. Photo news function added;

6. Photo news function modified;

7. Ranking rules for paying members in the directory changed;


1. Selling leads release displayed in Directory flagship store;

2. Selling leads contact rights function modified;

3. Directory display rules revised


1. Website sections list order changed;

2. Website sections list location adjusted;

3. Access right of Market Analysis section revised;

4. Related reading function added;

5. Sample issue request function added;

6. Customer contact record function added


Refractories Window platform launched!

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